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Words in Pain

Words in Pain

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We invite you in these meditations to consider less the horrors of Calvary and more its glory. The traditional emphasis on the human sufferings of Calvary seems to be due to the notion that Jesus was somehow defeated, even if only momentarily, on the Cross. He was not - not for one moment. His whole Passion was an unbroken victory of the merciful ingenuity of God over the pathetic malice of men. We must not think of Easter and the Resurrection as compensations, as it were, for the failures Christ suffered on Good Friday; we must recognise that Sunday is all of a piece with Friday. It is the final scene in a series of triumphs.

- From the opening chapter.

Having suffered greatly during his life from misunderstanding and criticism on the part of self-styled "theologians" who disagreed with his orthodox Catholicism, Cardinal Wright reflects with great sensitivity upon the events of the Crucifixion, and its message of hope for all mankind.

Wright, Cardinal John J

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