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Women Sex and the Church

Women Sex and the Church

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The contributors to Women, Sex, & the Church challenge the misconception that the ChurchÔÇÖs teachings are antiwomen and anti-sex. Instead, these women explore the controversial teachings on abortion, sex, marriage, and contraception and how these actually evidence the ChurchÔÇÖs love of women. Readers will discover that following the ChurchÔÇÖs teachings is, in fact, the truest form of feminism.
The contributors to this text rely on biological, sociological, and medical evidence combined with personal anecdotes and experience to analyze theological teachings and compare them to the secular feminist perspective on these teachings.
  • Includes contributions from nine different women of various backgrounds and professions
  • Ideal for those who wish to strengthen their knowledge of Catholic social teaching in order to support the Church

Bachiochi, Erika


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Bachiochi, Erika
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