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Why Does God Permit Evil?

Why Does God Permit Evil?

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Hatred, murder, terrorism, and war spring from the sins of men. But why does God let innocent children suffer from the effects of these evils? Why does He let earthquakes devastate cities, despair drive souls to suicide, and cancer kill humans and animals?

You and I would prevent these evils if we could. Why doesnÔÇÖt God?

If HeÔÇÖs good ÔÇö as our Faith claims ÔÇö why doesnÔÇÖt He stay the hand of those about to do evil? Why doesnÔÇÖt He keep little ones from violence and death? Indeed, how could He have allowed evil to enter the universe in the first place?

In these pages, Benedictine author Dom Bruno Webb brings you face-to-face with evil. Without fudging or flinching, he answers these hard questions and more. In this slim volume, he gives the most convincing explanation of the mystery of evil thatÔÇÖs available today.

YouÔÇÖll finally come to understand the source of the appalling violence and savagery that lies close to the heart of nature; youÔÇÖll discover why the insensate Earth and its inhabitants all groan in pain; youÔÇÖll see why, even before they were conceived, AdamÔÇÖs offspring fell with him, and why God stood by, permitting all this to happen.

Was God helpless? Indifferent? Outgunned?

In these wise pages, Dom Bruno Webb shows that evil never defeats God.

On the contrary, He uses suffering to destroy the very sin which gives birth to evil. Here youÔÇÖll come to understand why, despite the evil that wracks the Earth and all the beings on it, God nonetheless assured Dame Julian of Norwich that ÔÇ£all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.ÔÇØ

HereÔÇÖs the book that answers, once and for all, the question of why God permits evil. It will enlighten and console all the suffering and sorrowful souls who are puzzled and troubled by the evil that suffuses our universe.

Better: it explains how to transform suffering into deeds that God will use to ensure that finally and indeed, ÔÇ£all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.ÔÇØ In other words, these pages are not only an explanation of evil; theyÔÇÖre a remedy for it, a remedy you can begin using today.

Webb, Dom Bruno


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