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What The Church Teaches About Sex: God's Plan for Human Happiness

What The Church Teaches About Sex: God's Plan for Human Happiness

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Despite the outcome of a world wounded by sexual exploitation and addiction, there is room for hope through the reasonableness and goodness of Catholic sexual morality.

Beginning with a thorough survey of the ChurchÔÇÖs historic attitude toward human sexuality, author Robert Fastiggi proceeds to discuss contemporary hot buttons of sexuality: including pornography, homosexuality, fornication and cohabitation, and marital chastity. He goes on to cover sexual sins in a realistic and compassionate manner taking note of both human weakness and the power of God s grace.

In a practical and pastoral manner, Fastiggi shines the comprehensive yet clear light of Church teaching on this complex, confusing, and often culturally ambiguous topic.

Includes an introduction by renowned Catholic bioethics scholar and professor Janet E. Smith and a useful appendix that summarizes key Church documents on sexual morality.

FR FASTIGGI, Ph.D., is Professor of Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan.

Fastiggi, Robert L.


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