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We Have Seen His Glory

We Have Seen His Glory

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God has always dwelt among his people. Over the millennia he has walked and talked among us, appearing as cloud, fire, wind or dove. Today, God is among us in even more proximate and intimate ways.

These more intimate ways began when the “Word became flesh”, appearing in a manner that was now visible to “all flesh.” As Jesus Christ, God walked among us and all “saw his glory” in and among the most humble and exalted places.

For Christians, the ‘Glory’ is altogether present in other modes among his people, as the heavenly High Priest during every Mass, dwelling silently in every Tabernacle throughout the Catholic world, and receiving due worship when exposed for Eucharistic adoration. This all climaxes when Jesus the High Priest enters the new Temples filled with the Holy Spirit when he is received by the baptized faithful in the gift of Holy Communion.

After realizing how the Lord always yearns to be with us, dwell within us, and now feed us, we should all respond in the same way as those first followers of Jesus, who after hearing his ‘Bread of Life’ discourse cried out, “Lord, give us this bread always” (John 6:34).

Haddad, Robert


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