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Walk to Rome

Walk to Rome

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In the late 1970s, as he approached his thirtieth year, Dennis Larkin vowed to complete a pligrimage across Europe to Rome on foot.
A native of the Kansas prairie, Larkin has lived also in County Kildare (Ireland) and in Bavaria. He had studied political philosophy and architecture at the University of Notre Dame, and philosophy at the National University of Ireland.
Dennis Larkin now lives again in Kansas, with his wife and baby son.

In 'A Walk to Rome', Dennis Larkin recounts his experiences while on pilgrimage, successfully imitating an earlier work of Hilaire Belloc, 'The Path to Rome'. Larkin's walk covered nearly 800 miles, beginning in Schesslitz in Bavaria and ending in the Vatican on the morning of the forty-first day.
This is a delightful account of Europe as it can only be experienced on foot, full og the Catholics sense of Faith, culture, the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Larkin writes of the richness of human experience with a freshness and charm which make the book hard to lay aside.
In 'A Walk to Rome', Dennis Larkin becomes a good friend and fellow traveller, a boon companion on the pilgrimage of life.

Larkin, Dennis


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