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Unseen - New Evidence, Origin

Unseen - New Evidence, Origin

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In 1999 a man by the name of Jorge Bergoglio requested a scientific investigation of a very strange phenomenon in Buenos Aires. Then more cases emerged of the same thing happening in other places in the world. By the time the investigation had been completed the results were far greater than what he, or anyone else, could have anticipated. And neither could it have been anticipated that the world would now know him as Pope Francis. What was discovered will have an enormous impact on our understanding of the origin and nature of life itself. "From a scientific point of view it is well documented that life cannot come from non-living matter. The events presented, each an instance of non-living matter transformed into living matter, are significant standing alone but even stronger when considered together. Fortunately they have been well documented, photographed and subjected to testing by reputable experts. As a consequence denial of the events as facts would be difficult. I found the book very interesting, easy to read, quite convincing as an argument and surprising that Harvard University acknowledges that as scientists 'we just don't know' how life began."

Tesoriero, Ron


Ron Tesoriero

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