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True Devotion to Mary TAN

True Devotion to Mary TAN

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Considered the greatest single book on Mary ever written, True Devotion to Mary is St Louis de Montfort's classic statement on the way to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Beloved by countless souls, it sums up the entire Christian life and shows a way to holiness that is short, easy to secure, and perfect - a way of life chosen by Our Lord Himself.

 St. Louis De Montfort prophesied that True Devotion to Mary would be the way of life of the great Saints of the latter times. This devotion is destined to change the world!

This edition of True Devotion to Mary is presented in the hope that God will include its readers in the holy company of Saints. 

Supplementary to this volume:

  • Preparation for Consecration: the 33 exercises recommended (but not compulsory) by Montfort for the corresponding 33 recommended days' preparation for consecration (the preliminary 12 days, or first period, and the subsequent 3 weeks, or second period), which consist of an explanation of the goals of these two periods, prayers to be said every day, suitable Gospel readings and excerpts from The Imitation of Christ, spiritual exercises, and appropriate prayers written by Montfort himself.
  • Consecration: A guide for the day of consecration, and the Act of Consecration.
  • The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary: full text of this prayer.
  • How to pray the Rosary according to Montfort's method: his introductory and concluding prayers, and the fruits of each Mystery.
  • An explanation of the Confraternity of Mary: Its purpose, obligations, practices, feasts and indulgences.

This edition of True Devotion to Mary offers everything a soul needs both to learn about this sublime devotion, and put it into practice!

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