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Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist

Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist

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Come to a vivid new sense of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist

The Holy Eucharist has nourished the Faith of Catholics for centuries ÔÇö but it's all too easy to let routine dull your sense of the transforming power of this sacrament.

These pages will stir the embers of your love for the Eucharist into a bright glowing flame.

Explore the selfless humility shown by Christ in His Presence in the Eucharist. Receive greater spiritual fruit from worthier receptions of Communion and from adoration of Christ in the Eucharist.

You'll learn how the Eucharist is truly a Sacrament of love ÔÇö a sacrament that not only demonstrates Christ's love for you, but gives you the grace you need to love God and your neighbor with a fervor unquenched by passing changes in fortune or feelings.

As Fr. Kane opens your eyes to how much God longs to be with you in the Eucharist ÔÇö and how much He delights in you ÔÇö you'll come to experience the Eucharist as that inexhaustible source of grace, peace and comfort that he intends it to be for you.

You'll discover;

  • Two obstacles to gaining spiritual fruit from Communion; how to recognize and overcome them

  • Receiving Communion; how to make your communions dynamic encounters with Jesus

  • Why it's so important for you to spend time in thanksgiving after Communion

And much more!

Kane, John A


Sophia Institute Press

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