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To The Field of Stars - A Pilgrim's Journey To Santiago de Compostela

To The Field of Stars - A Pilgrim's Journey To Santiago de Compostela

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The story of stars dancing over a field in a faraway land may so draw you away from the ordinary business of daily life that you find yourself, quite to your surprise, in a new world of unexpected adventures and remarkable people and some very profound mysteries. - from the introduction Pilgrimage is a strange notion to our modern, practical minds. How many of us have sought on foot a distant holy place in order to come close to God and speak to him where he may hear best? The idea is laughable in this age of cars and churches on every corner. Nevertheless, looking for a way to take stock of his life, priest Kevin Codd set out on a pilgrimage that would change his life. To the Field of Stars tells the compelling story of this modern-day pilgrims spiritual and physical journey on foot across Spain to Santiago de Compostela, the traditional burial place of the apostle James the Greater. Seen through the eyes of a Catholic priest who is respectful of the spirituality and religious worldview that originally gave rise to medieval pilgrimage, this is a fascinating and engaging account of a most unusual journey.

Codd, Fr Kevin A



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