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Thomas More

Thomas More

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Awarded the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1935, Raymond Chambers's acclaimed biography of Saint Thomas More stands as one of the finest accounts of this great figure of English history. Beginning with his early life in late 15th century England, Chambers tracks More's rise through Parliament and the British social hierarchy, culminating in his appointment as Lord Chancellor in 1529. The result of this chancellorship is of course widely known: following the disagreement between King Henry VIII and Pope Clement VII, More was forced to make a choice between his secular and spiritual masters; he did so, and was subsequently beheaded in 1535.

While the story of Thomas More has been told many times and across many formats, one would be hard pressed to find a livelier and more readable account than that given here by Raymond Chambers, a poignant and detailed portrait of one of history's great political and spiritual figures.

Chambers, R W


Angelico Press

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