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The Work of Prayer

The Work of Prayer

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Author James Huntington shows that the Biblical understanding of prayer upends fundamental notions about prayer held even by many Christians.

He argues that those who yearn to love God should not seek primarily to undertake prayers at set times each day (though that's good for all of us). Instead, in praying our goal must be to discern and respond properly to the impulses God plants in our souls. In other words, rather than praying in order to bend God's will to ours, we must pray in order to bend our wills to His. Prayer calls us to surrender ourselves wholly to God -- not just once, but in every instant and every act. These pages develop this Biblical notion of prayer and teach us how we can, at all times, give ourselves to God as prayer demands. They show why, once we do so, prayer will cease being for us the hardest work in the world and will become as constant, as natural, and as easy as breathing.

Huntington, James


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