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The Winged Watchman (Living History Library)

The Winged Watchman (Living History Library)

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THIS ACCLAIMED story of World War II is rich in suspense, characterization, plot and spiritual truth. Every element of occupied Holland is united in a story of courage and hope; a hidden Jewish child, an "underdiver," a downed RAF pilot, an imaginative, daring underground hero, and the small things of family life which surprisingly carry on in the midst of oppression. The Verhagen family who live in the old windmill called the Winged Watchman are a memorable set of individuals whose lives powerfully demonstrate the resilience of those who suffer but do not lose faith.

"One of our all time favorites here is The Winged Watchman. Both my parents and my husband's parents grew up in Holland. [Their] being children in World War II has given us quite an interest in that time period and location. My grandfather was also in the Dutch Underground. The book is very accurate according to my mother."
ÔÇöA.K., Wisconsin

"I recently set a 'Just one more chapter' record in reading aloud to my children. 5 chapters in one day! Only a truly great book could induce me to perform such a feat, and the Winged Watchman is a truly great book. It is a story of ordinary heroes living in German-occupied Holland. Suspense, humor, faith, and a wonderful family you come to care deeply about. As I read the book aloud, I was deeply moved. I would compare it to Ian Serraillier's Silver Sword, but with the added bonus of Christians wrestling with the difficult issues and situations which life presents. The writing is excellent, as are the illustrations by the author. Having had this wonderful introduction to Hilda van Stockum, we look forward to future adventures with her as the guide."
ÔÇöJohn Green, homeschool father, Arizona

Van Stockum, Hilda


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