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The White Horse - Sally Series Book 4

The White Horse - Sally Series Book 4

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After one adventurous, but fairly safe voyage, Aunt Nannie reluctantly allows Sally to sail away again, this time into the Mediterranean SeaÔÇöand right into the clutches of the Barbary Coast pirates.
Taken captive, Sally is exposed to a way of life very different from the protected one she has known. Her resiliency as well as her courage and love are sorely tried; however, both she and those she encounters in the SultanÔÇÖs palace will never be quite the same for her stay there. The fourth book in the ÔÇ£Sally SeriesÔÇØ.

Illustrated by Helen Sewell

Coatsworth, Elizabeth


Bethlehem Books

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ISBN/Code: 1883937868

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