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The Weka-Feather Cloak: A New Zealand Fantasy

The Weka-Feather Cloak: A New Zealand Fantasy

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Small, quiet, artistic Danny Mago, used to an uneventful, if not always pleasant existence, suddenly finds himself catapulted into a series of inexplicable happenings. After he gets the new job at St. Martin de Porres Convent with Mother Madeleine, the famous Maori painter, and he approaches the ancient, unused elevator on the Convent grounds, the uneventful tenor of his life takes a decided turn...upwards! The resulting wild and sometimes hair-raising adventures next become strangely entangled with the mysterious quest that has brought beautiful Zelia Mazloum all the way from Turkey to New Zealand. In the midst of all this, Danny accepts a call to make a unique contribution to his home, the land that rests upon the seas, Aetearoa. Demonic creatures, angelic beings, sly villains, an old and beautiful weka-feather cloak, a blank wall in a new Cathedral and an unforgettable Maori nun come together in this amazing tale of spirit and laughter.

Madigan, Leo


Bethlehem Books

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ISBN/Code: 188393768X

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