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The Spirit of Solesmes

The Spirit of Solesmes

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The Abbey of Solesmes is famous above all for its Gregorian chant and the contribution it has made to the liturgical renewal that has borne fruit in the present century. It has also been at the forefront of spiritual renewal in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This book presents a coherent view of the Christian life as expressed in the writings (most of which are appearing here in English for the first time) from letters, conferences, retreats and published works of three major figures at the centre of this liturgical and spiritual renewal.

All three authors deal with the life of prayer, the liturgy, participation in the Church, the communion of saints, the mysteries of love and suffering, the spectrum of Christian life, as well as themes more directly pertaining to the religions life. They reveal a luminous spiritualy which is penetrating and eminently practical. They write with a passion for what Dom Delatte calls "the transforming power of the truth" .

Exiled under a hostile French government, the monks of Solesmes established a foundation on the Isle of Wight, where a community still thrives at Quarr Abbey. The nuns settled at Ryde, where a community of the Congregation still exists. The editor of this book belongs to this community.

For those inclined to suspect nineteenth-century French spirituality of sentimentality, the strength, relevance, and often humour, of these three great figures will come as an eye-opener.

Totah, Sr Mary David

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Totah, Sr Mary David

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