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The Sign of the Cross

The Sign of the Cross

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The holy Sign of the Cross is the most important prayer and symbol of our Christian faith. It is at once the image of ChristÔÇÖs passion, the sign of the redemption of all mankind, the awesome testament of the destruction of the power of the devil and of his kingdom on earth. The resurrection is the promise and seal and guarantee of eternal life which consummated the work of the Cross.

Christians rejoice and the demons tremble to see the Sign of the Cross emblazoned everywhere as proof of ChristÔÇÖs victory over the world. Christ said ÔÇ£all power is given to me in heaven and on earthÔÇØ and the Cross is the seat of that power. There is no place on earth where a person who makes the Sign of the Cross is not immediately recognized as a Catholic, and there is no miracle that has not been worked under this sign. It is the ÔÇ£nuclear bombÔÇØ of prayers and with it the faithful can clear away all enemies and temptations with the simplest of wordless gestures. Msgr. Gaum├® has compiled a magnificent collection of history and commentary from the saints and fathers and doctors, as well as his own meditations and exhortations regarding this most powerful prayer.

All Catholics should avail themselves of this information and make it fruitful in their own lives.

Gaume, Msgr Jean-Joseph


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