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The Sermons of St Francis de Sales on Prayer

The Sermons of St Francis de Sales on Prayer

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The saintly bishop, founder, and Doctor of the Church, St. Francis de Sales, is known throughout the Catholic world for his great gentleness, learning, and understanding of the human soul. During his lifetime, he converted and guided innumerable souls and reconverted thousands from Calvinism back to the Catholic faith. His great gifts are likewise evident in his sermons, as he guides his listeners in the ways of prayer.

Here St. Francis de Sales shows how prayer is the key to all holiness. He explains very simply the four kinds of mental prayer; meditation, contemplation, ejaculations and simple attention to the presence of God, and gives examples to help the soul progress in these forms of prayer. He also encourages vocal prayer, starting with the daily recitation of the Our Father, Creed and the Divine Office.

With the declaration in 1877 that he is a Doctor of the Church, St. Francis de Sales has been presented to all the faithful by Holy Mother Church as a trustworthy teacher of Catholic doctrine and the ways of the spiritual life - and therefore as a certain guide on the pathway to Heaven.

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