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The Saint Andrew Daily Missal 1945 - Latin

The Saint Andrew Daily Missal 1945 - Latin

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There is only one fully traditional Latin-English handmissal in print for laypeople. This is Dom Gaspar LefebvreÔÇÖs [not to be confused with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre] edition of The Saint Andrew Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays and Feasts and Kyriale. It is the most complete traditional missal in print.

- Complete with Vespers and the Kyriale in modern notation

- Hard-bound

- Five multi-coloured ribbon markers

- The Ordinary of the Mass printed with red rubrics

- Most of the missal in Latin and English

- Beautiful narrative of each feast day as well as spiritual and doctrinal notes

- Imprimatur 1945 - Reprint of the 1945 edition

Lefebvre, Dom Gaspar


St Bonaventure Publications

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