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The Rose and Crown: Letzenstein Chronicles Book 4

The Rose and Crown: Letzenstein Chronicles Book 4

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MELISANDE, a London girl with booksellers' and actors' blood in her veins, often finds life dreary; her family struggles to run a carters' inn, "The Rose and Crown". Then, in November 1849, Rafael le Marre of Letzenstein arrives, bringing Mel's lost cousin Toby with him. New friends and unexpected experiences swirl in Rafael's wake; among others, Melisande meets Catherine Ayre; and Charley the sweeper adds cockney mischief. Raf stirs up the trouble that is native to his frank character in whatever land he is in. But in this case it is Toby who creates the most breathless moments. Several necessary resolutions must occur before Raf and company set out once again for beloved Letzenstein.

"We eagerly await the release of each new Letzenstein Chronicle. But then we go through them much too quickly and have to wait forever, or so it seems, for the next one. So more Rafael le Marre or anything by Meriol Trevor. Please!"
ÔÇöTed Schleunderfritz

Trevor, Meriol


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