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The Rise Of Benedict XVI

The Rise Of Benedict XVI

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Vatican correspondent John L Allen draws on his unparalleled knowledge and exclusive access to give the full inside story of the Church's new leadership. In this in-depth account he examines the transition from John Paul II to Benedict XVI, the legacy of the previous Pope and the role of the current leader. He takes us right into the heart of the selection process, interviewing the cardinals who chose Benedict XVI to reveal their thoughts on the new Pope and the reason why he was picked. And he looks at why this conclave was one of the briefest of modern times.

Confronting many difficult questions, Allen asks what the choice of a renowned 'hard line' traditionalist will mean for 1.1 billion Catholics around the globe. What do the way Ratzinger rose to power, his history and theological views say about how the faith will now move forward? Why did the College of Cardinals take such a decisive course? And what will the consequences be for the challenges Catholicism faces today?

Allen, John L


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