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The Reform of Renewal

The Reform of Renewal

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This clear and unequivocal call for personal reform as the basis of authentic renewal in society and in the Church is rooted in several sources. The work of an internationally recognised Biblical scholar (Rudolph Schnackenburg) is woven in with the observations of contemporary social critics, as well as behavioural scientists. The author does not spare anyone's feelings in an attempt at a critical and objective analysis of the serious problems of the Catholic Church and "mainstream" religious denominations in America.

This book definitively places the onus for reform on the individual Christian striving to follow the Gospel in our materialistic and selfish culture. Because of its roots in Scripture and in the long history of reform in the Church, this book offers the reader a well-founded hope that the first signs of real renewal in the Church are beginning to appear. Includes index.

Groeschel, Fr Benedict J


Ignatius Press

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