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The Rainbow of Sorrow

The Rainbow of Sorrow

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World-renowned evangelist and New York Times best-selling author Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen presents a collection of engaging sermons, encouraging the reader to understand the mystery of suffering and sorrow in the world today. 

Throughout this series of sermons, Archbishop Sheen will provide some valuable insights as to why sometimes, the innocent have to suffer.   Using the Seven Last Words spoken by Jesus from the Cross on Calvary as a backdrop, Sheen will address the topics of pain and suffering using his inimitable writing style, with immediacy, yet conveying joy and comfort in the subject matter.

These meditations on the Seven Last Words correlated to the mystery of pain and suffering make no pretence to absoluteness. The Words are not necessarily related to the struggles we face but they do make convenient points of illustrations.

Sheen, Mgr Fulton J

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