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The Mystery We Proclaim: Catechesis at the Third Millennium

The Mystery We Proclaim: Catechesis at the Third Millennium

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On June 25, 1992, Pope John Paul II gave formal approbation to the final text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Mystery We Proclaim reflects the spirit and contents of the Catechism - which will be the chief reference book for catechesis for many decades to come.

The Mystery We Proclaim is an invitation to all involved in catechesis to reflect anew on this ministry in the full light of the revealed "mystery of faith." In the context of the catechetical movement of the past decades, The Mystery We Proclaim analyses and evaluates these efforts and gives some direction for future catechetical renewal.

Divided into four parts, this outstanding work is thoroughly ecclesial in approach. It contains many references to Catholic Tradition and the writings of recent Popes. In addition, the personal and pastoral reflections on catechesis by the author contribute to the ongoing discussion regarding renewal in the ministry of the Church.

The Mystery We Proclaim is structured as follows:

Part One: The Heritage and the Challenge

Part Two: The Goals of Catechesis

Part Three: The Content of Catechesis - The Four Pillars

Part Four: The Method of Catechesis.

Pastors, Directors of Religious Education, religion teachers, catechists, principals, and anyone involved in religious education will find The Mystery We Proclaim a timely work full of practical guidance.

Kelly, Francis D


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