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The Joyful Beggar: A Novel About Saint Francis Of Assisi

The Joyful Beggar: A Novel About Saint Francis Of Assisi

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In this magnificent and stirring novel, Louis de Wohl turns his famed narrative skill to the story of the soldier and merchant's son who might have been right-hand man to a king, and who became instead the most beloved of all saints. Set against the tempestuous background of 13th century Italy and Egypt, here is the magnificent and inspiring story of Francis Bernardone, the brash, pleasure-loving young officer who was to become immortalized as St. Francis of Assisi.

The story teems with action, pageantry and intrigue with finely conceived characters - the beautiful and saintly Clare, Frederick, the hawk-faced King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor, the Sultan Al Kamil and Pope Innocent III.

This book was made into a feature film by 20th Century Fox entitled 'Francis of Assisi', now available on video from Ignatius Press.

de Wohl, Louis


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