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The Jewish Roots of Catholicism - 2 DVD set.

The Jewish Roots of Catholicism - 2 DVD set.

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The Jewish Roots of Catholicism - Bob Fishman - EWTN (2 DVD Set)

Jesus, whose lineage from the royal house of Israel was foreshadowed in the Old Testament, fulfilled and surpassed Mosaic Law when He instituted the New and Eternal Covenant. Bob Fishman, a convert from Judaism, traces the Jewish faith to its end - the Holy Catholic Church. A truly intriguing mini-series on our heritage, and indebtedness to, our "elder brothers in the faith." Episodes include: Judaism 101; Chanukah; High Holy Days. Bonus: Bob Fishman's first appearance on The Journey Home.

2 discs. 4 hrs.

Fishman, Br Bob


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