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The Holy Rosary through the Visions of Venerable Mary of Agreda

The Holy Rosary through the Visions of Venerable Mary of Agreda

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Venerable Mary of Agreda, the well known Religious Sister and Mystic of the Seventeenth Century recounts many of her intimate revelations received from Our Lord and Our Lady in her Spiritual Classic, The Mystical City of God, an immense work of over a thousand pages. In this book, Fr. Higgins offers a carefully curated and edited compendium of meditations drawn from the saint’s masterpiece, assigning a relevant text for contemplation to each bead of the Holy Rosary.

In this work, the scenes of the Holy Rosary, so familiar to us, are brought life in a new way, dramatically enriched and expanded through the technicolour details so uniquely characteristic of the visions of Venerable Mary, to whom was shown, step by step, moment by moment, Our Lady’s perspective on the entirety of the Life of Christ.

Additional to the 15 Traditional Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and the Mysteries of Light, an additional set of mysteries, the Hopeful Mysteries, are also included. These allow us to join Venerable Mary in her contemplation of the events in the life of Our Lady prior to the Annunciation and her prophetic foreshadowing.

Mark Higgins


Catholic Way Publishing


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