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The Holy Hour, Calvary and the

The Holy Hour, Calvary and the

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World-renowned evangelist, Emmy award winner and New York Times best-selling author Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen will present a collection of his writings that will encourage the reader to better understand the transformative power of the Eucharist.This special edition contains two of Sheen's most sought after books. There is the 1936 book, Calvary and the Mass: A Missal Companion along with Sheen's 1945, Holy Hour Prayer Book.Here you will find insightful meditations given by Fulton J. Sheen and other great writers on the topics of:WHY MAKE A HOLY HOURHOW TO MAKE THE HOLY HOURTHE INCARNATION OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRISTHOW CHRIST LIVES IN US TODAYHOW THE DIVINE LIFE IS LOST AND OUR FINAL ENDTHE DUTY OF SELF-DENIALGIVING GLORY TO GOD IN THE WORLDTHE EUCHARIST, THE NEED OF OUR HEARTOUR BLESSED MOTHERQuoting from Fulton Sheen's book Calvary and the Mass, he writes:We were there then during that Crucifixion. The drama was already completed as far as the vision of Christ was concerned, but it had not yet been unfolded to all men and all places and all times. If a motion picture reel, for example, were conscious of itself, it would know the drama from beginning to end, but the spectators in the theatre would not know it until they had seen it unrolled upon the screen. In like manner, our Lord on the Cross saw His eternal mind, the whole drama of history, the story of each individual soul and how later on it would react to His Crucifixion; but though He saw all, we could not know how we would react to the Cross until we were unrolled upon the screen of time. We were not conscious of being present there on Calvary that day, but He was conscious of our presence. Today we know the role we played in the theatre of Calvary, by the way, we live and act now in the theatre of the twentieth century

Sheen, Mgr Fulton J


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