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The Holy Ghost our Greatest Friend

The Holy Ghost our Greatest Friend

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Quoting many famous Saints and holy authors, Fr O'Sullivan presents the reader with the very best of the Church's understanding about "Our Greatest Friend," God the Spirit of true life, who dwells daily in our hearts - if we are in the state of grace. "The Holy Ghost does not only give His wonderful help to Apostles, to martyrs, to missionaries, but to all Christians without exception, if only they will ask Him as they should." The greatest tragedy, he points out, is that many Christians never pray to this Divine Guest within their souls. Therefore, it is to help us understand, at least a little, the Incomparable Treasure we Christians possess within ourselves as a result of Baptism that the author has written this book, but also to teach us how to help ourselves in the most unfailing way by praying often and fervently to the Holy Ghost for assistance in all our needs.

O'Sullivan, Fr Paul


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