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The Good Land

The Good Land

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Almost 15-year-old Carolyn, the ÔÇ£babyÔÇØ of the Pierce family, is experiencing the growing-up difficulties and frustrations typical of the youngest child. Melinda is energetically engaged in the town life of Amarillo, the twins are happily married, and Katie, home from school, spends all day sighing listlessly around the house. Carolyn feels a bit neglectedÔÇöafter all, she has problems and worries, too! In her attempts to find her own place in the adult world, Carolyn tries to assist KatieÔÇÖs floundering romance, secretly befriends the daughter of an unfriendly homesteader, and discovers that words, her words, can make a difference in othersÔÇÖ livesÔÇöparticularly in the life of young Jim Foster. The Texas Panhandle is a good land for growing up inÔÇöeven if the growing up is harder then you expect!

This third and last book in the Texas Panhandle series brings the stories of the Pierce girls, and their homesteading adventures, to a satisfying close.

Erdman, Loula Grace


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Erdman, Loula Grace

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