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The Glories of Mary: Explanation of the Hail Holy Queen

The Glories of Mary: Explanation of the Hail Holy Queen

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From the Introduction:

"St. Alphonsus wrote The Glories of Mary as a defense of our Lady's sublime position in traditional Catholic devotion. Certain writers of his time, tainted with Jansenism, were busy ridiculing devotion to Mary, singling out the Hail Holy Queen (Salve Regina) for particular criticism.

St. Alphonsus' admirable handling of their false scandal over common Catholic practice was simple enough, but overwhelming in its effect. He quoted Saints, Doctors, popes, theologians, Sacred Scripture, the Liturgy, the mind of the Church, the whole vast treasury of Catholic tradition and said, equivalently, "Here is your answer."

St. Alphonsus did not argue, except now and then. Where was the need for argument? His tone was quiet but devastating, full of the calm assurance which comes from reliance on unimpeachable authority. He was tender, at times rapturous, particularly when directly addressing our Blessed Lady in his beautiful prayers. He wrote with the mind of a genius and the heart of a child, a great theologian who was also a Saint."

- John Duffy, C.SS.R

St Alphonsus Ligouri


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