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The Fall of Darwin's Last Icon and the Failure of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative

The Fall of Darwin's Last Icon and the Failure of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative

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The Fall of DarwinÔÇÖs Last Icon and the Failure of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative


Why do you believe what you believe about the origins of mankind and the universe?┬á What determined your view of reality? Is it possible that most contemporary men and women in the so-called ÔÇ£developed worldÔÇØ are victims of a Grand Deception that distorts their view of reality?

These questions are answered in this remarkable book, which demonstrates that the leaders of western secular society and even many Church leaders have fallen under the spell of the ÔÇ£Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative.ÔÇØ┬á This ÔÇ£NarrativeÔÇØ is a false view of reality that arose in seventeenth century Europe and achieved global dominance following the publication of DarwinÔÇÖs┬áThe Origin of Species┬á(1859).┬á For more than a century, public education and even many religious institutions have indoctrinated students into this false view of reality.

The author retraces the fascinating history of the Narrative through the domains of philosophy, theology, natural science, and history. One of the most powerful claims of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative concerns human evolutionÔÇöthe last remaining Darwinian icon. Yet, in the span of three chapters, the author dismantles more than 100 years of alleged ÔÇ£missing linksÔÇØ between apes and humans. He also takes readers on a personal journey that leads non-believers to the foot of the Cross and challenges believersÔÇöespecially Christian intellectualsÔÇöto proclaim the fullness of the truth about origins, as revealed by God and taught by Jesus Christ, who is Truth itself.

I highly recommend this book and believe it is one of the most important and insightful books on origins ever written.

Hugh Owen, Director, Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation


ÔÇ£The material in┬áThe Fall of DarwinÔÇÖs Last Icon┬áwas one of the key resources used in the production of the DVD Series┬áFoundations Restored: A Catholic Perspective on Origins. In this book, the author chronicles the fascinating history of an attack on truth, centuries in the making, called ÔÇ£the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative.ÔÇØ In the process, he advances the discussion about origins and provides new insight, not seen in Catholic circles before, regarding the relationship between Cartesian philosophy and Darwinism, and how the combined errors shaped modern society. I consider this a must read for any Catholic concerned about the state of the Church and for anyone who wants to understand how the societal destruction seen everywhere came about.ÔÇØ

ÔÇô Keith Jones, Director and Videographer for┬áFoundations Restored: A Catholic Perspective on Origins

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