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The Day the Sun Danced: The True Story of Fatima

The Day the Sun Danced: The True Story of Fatima

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In 1917, three children named Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta experienced a great miracle. While herding a flock of sheep outside the tiny village of Fatima, Portugal, The Blessed Mother visited them, not once, but many times, telling the children great and wondrous secrets that would affect all of creation.

When the children tried to share the joyous news of Our Lady of Fatima, no one believed them, until the day the sun seemed to dance in the sky. It soon became clear that they had been chosen by the Blessed Mother to share her message.

The Day The Sun Danced is the inspiring true story of Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, whose faith and courage brought the message of Our Lady of Fatima to all the world.

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