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Surrender Prayer Novena Leaflet

Surrender Prayer Novena Leaflet

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On November 19, 1970 Don (Fr) Dolindo Ruotolo died at the age of 88. Padre Pio once said of this priest from Naples, Italy, ÔÇ£The whole of paradise is in your soul.ÔÇØ┬á

His name ÔÇÿDolindoÔÇÖ means ÔÇÿPainÔÇÖ and his life was replete with this pain. As a child, a teenager, a seminarian and a priest, he experienced humiliation, which was the realization of the prophetic words of a bishop who said ÔÇ£You will be a martyr, but in your heart, not with your blood.ÔÇØ

In his profound humility, he was able to hear the words of God. In his tremendous suffering, Dolindo became more and more a child who lived his self-offering to the Divine Father. ÔÇ£I am totally poor, a poor nothing. My strength is my prayer, my leader is the will of God which I let take me by the hand. My security over the uneven path is the heavenly mother Mary.ÔÇØ

One of the treasures from the words which Jesus spoke to Dolindo was the teaching about total abandonment to God. This novena, based on locutions between Our Lord and Fr. Dolindo, centres on our frequent recital of the direct and humble prayer:


O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything!


Fr. Dolindo is currently a Servant of God. His case for beatification is open.

Ruotolo, Fr Dolindo


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