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Surprised by Truth 3

Surprised by Truth 3

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Ten former Protestants tell why they chose the Catholic Church!

In these dramatic and thought-provoking conversion stories, ten men and women reveal why they changed their minds about Protestantism and entered the Catholic Church.

These tales will do for you what these converts had to do for themselves- answer the most common objections to the Catholic Faith ÔÇö and answer them in terms that non-Catholics find familiar and easy to understand.

These stories will remind you of the critical truth that all converts know but most others forget- churches must not be judged by the weakness of their members, but by the truth of what they teach.

The closer these former Protestants looked at Catholicism, the more they found that Christ's truth is taught in its fullness only in the Catholic Church. No wonder this book is a convert maker.

But these stories do more than make converts. If you're already Catholic, they help you explain your Faith to non-Catholics and leave you prouder and more grateful than ever to be in Christ's Church.

So whether you're Catholic or just inquiring, Surprised by Truth 3 is the book for you!

Madrid, Patrick


Sophia Institute Press

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