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Surprised By Canon Law

Surprised By Canon Law

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'Surprised by Canon Law presents straightforward answers to commonly asked questions about the law of the Church. This helpful book introduces the reader to the Church's rich legal heritage and makes it more accessible to the faithful. I recommend it as a valuable starting point for anyone interested in becoming familiar with canon law.'
- Cardinal Maida, Archbishop of Detroit

'This is far and away the most layman-friendly book on canon law I have seen. It explains everyday operations of the Catholic Church in terms of the Church's own legislation. Vere and Trueman have made canon law accessible to the average Catholic for the first time.'
- Karl Keating, President of Catholic Answers

'This book, like its title, contains many pleasant surprises. Written with a good sense of humor, it addresses questions that are sometimes difficult or painful. Particularly when dealing with sensitive issues, the authors have shown a fine openness of mind to new situations, and their opinions may be followed with security. I certainly recommend this book to those interested in becoming acquainted with the canon law of the Catholic Church.'
- Rev. Francis G. Morrisey, O.M.I., J.C.D., Professor of Canon Law at Saint Paul University

'For the average, even well-informed Catholic, sometimes even for clergy, canon law can be seen as 'an enigma wrapped in a puzzle.' That need not be the case, as the authors demonstrate so well. This volume is readable, interesting, pastoral and completely faithful to Church teaching and discipline. Its user friendly format should ensure the work a wide readership, which will be able to reply on this text to settle everyday aspects of ecclesial life.'
- Rev. Peter Stravinskas, Ph.D., S.T.D., Editor of The Catholic Response

'Surprised by Canon Law fills a real need, providing a refreshingly readable introduction to canon law designed specifically for lay Catholics, who are called to active participation in the Church today. Readers indeed will be surprised at how much better they understand and appreciate canon law after reading this handy volume.'
- Leon J. Suprenant, Jr., President of Catholics United for the Faith

Vere, Peter & Trueman, Richard


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