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Streams Of Grace

Streams Of Grace

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Streams of Grace, explores the history of the Church by considering the various spiritual movements which have revitalised the Church at particular times and given fresh vigour to its life and mission.

Bishop Porteous argues that the heart of the many and varied spiritual movements that have shaped the Catholic Church is the mysterious activity of the Holy Spirit. Often the Spirit has acted in surprising and unexpected ways, yet as spiritual movements flourished it has become clearer that they have been critical to maintaining and enriching the calibre of the faith and provided impetus to the evangelical mission of the Church. These movements often have had saints at their forefront, or have become vehicles for the emergence of saints. Spiritual movements emerge at particular moments in history and in particular places. The historical and social context of these movements is important in order to appreciate their significance. It is also true that these movements have had a marked influence on the life of the Church lived most immediately by "ordinary" Catholics. Many movements, the author explains, have shaped the character of Catholic faith and how this faith has come to be expressed in the life of Catholics.

The spiritual movements have not just influenced a small number of the spiritual elite, but have become sources of inspiration and fruitfulness for countless thousands.

This book examines some twenty movements that have had an important effect on the Church at different times in its history. It also outlines how these various movements - as movements of grace - have shaped the nature of the Catholic spiritual heritage which we continue to benefit from today.

"This book is truly a spiritual gem. Bishop Porteous provides a comprehensive, concise, and insightful overview of the streams of renewal in the spiritual tradition of the Church. He shows clearly how the creativity of the Holy Spirit is at work in every age, always bringing forth a surprisingly new energy for holiness and evangelisation. It is a 'must read' for anyone wanting to learn how the remarkable spiritual dynamism of the holy men and women of the past influences our experience in the Church today."
- Fr Ken Barker, Founder, Missionaries of GodÔÇÖs Love

"Streams of Grace" is an apt title for Bishop Julian Porteous' fine work and for two reasons. First, looking back over the Church's spiritual history and tradition, one cannot but think, 'there is something at work here beyond human grasping.' Grace is its name. Second, the book itself flows out of lectures given at the Good Shepherd Seminary, Sydney, and once again, something other than the bishop's own spirit is operative. Grace, not human strength, is entirely necessary as the Church enters deeply into the 21st Century. Seminarians, those contemplating a priestly vocation and, in fact, all young people will find this book more than helpful. So, too, will married couples seeking to anchor their marriage on something substantial.
- Fr Tony Percy, Rector, Seminary of Good Shepherd, Sydney


Most Rev Julian Porteous BTheol DD VG was born in Sydney in 1949. He was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Sydney on 7th September, 1974. Bishop Porteous served in a number of parishes in the Archdiocese. He has been actively involved in evangelisation, particularly among young people. He has been an advocate of the New Evangelisation called for by Pope John Paul. He has had an association with a number of ecclesial movements. Bishop Porteous was appointed Rector of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd, Sydney, in January 2002 and served in this role until the end of 2008. Pope John Paul II named him Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney in July 2003 and he was ordained on 3rd September 2003. He has published a number of books including, "St Brendan's, a Journey: The Story of an Australian Catholic Parish 1898 ÔÇô 1998" (1997); "The New Evangelisation, Developing Evangelical Preaching" (2008); "After the Heart of God: the Life and Ministry of Priests at the Beginning of the Third Millennium" (2009). "A New Wine & Fresh Skins: Ecclesial Movements in the Church" (2010).

Porteous, Bishop Julian


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