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Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality

Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality

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Dissected: The Myths, Realities and Arguments about Homosexuality

Bill Muehlenberg

Cometh the hour, cometh the book. As the push for ‘gay marriage’ heads to a new level with the upcoming debate at the December Federal ALP Conference (2011), there is a desperate need for Catholics and all of good will to have a voice in the conversation. From veteran Australian family activist Bill Muehlenberg comes a comprehensive and thoroughly documented volume dealing with every aspect of the homosexual debate, including lengthy chapters on homosexual marriage and adoption rights. The book also examines the biblical and theological material on this subject, rebutting the wild theories of the theological revisionists. With over 700 footnotes, this is the most extensively researched and referenced volume on this topic available in Australia.

Bill Muehlenberg is a veteran family campaigner who has previously worked for groups such as the Australian Family Association and Focus on the Family Australia. He is widely sought out by the media for comments on family and social issues. He runs CultureWatch, a pro-family website, and lectures part-time in ethics and family issues. He and his family are based in Melbourne.

“In Strained Relations Bill Muehlenberg stays close to the evidence of the social sciences in examining the strategies and claims of the homosexual rights campaign. In another part of the book he gives similar judicious treatment to recent disputes by scholars and theologians over scriptural passages dealing with homosexuality. All concerned people should read this book and grapple with Bill Muehlenberg’s conclusions; for, as he reports, at stake are ‘nothing less than the survival of the family unit’ and the freedoms of speech, conscience and religion, as well.”
Dr Allan C. Carlson, president of the Howard Centre for Family, Religion and Society, USA; founder and secretary-general of the World Congress of Families

“Bill Muehlenberg is known for fearlessly following facts with unswerving accuracy to whatever conclusions the evidence demands, irrespective of the pressures of passing political correctness. If your preference is for facts rather than fictions, read this book.”
Rev. Dr Stuart Robinson, founding pastor of Crossway Baptist Church, Melbourne

“The increased confusion of the social order hastens the centuries-old drift of society to an unsustainable social model: radical individualism. The emerging next phase is the deconstruction of religious freedom, for religion (as opposed to spirituality) is social in its nature and is incompatible with radical individualism, especially in sexual manifestations (of any kind). The emergence of radical individualism and same-sex political rights portends, not increased social order, but increased social and political disintegration. Bill Muehlenberg’s social and biblical analyses illustrate that these repeated breaks with reality, including biblical realities, necessitate a form of self-acknowledged insanity, a denial of realities – in Christian terms, sins against the Holy Spirit. It is a handbook for the sane Christian.”
Dr Patrick F. Fagan, senior fellow at the Family Research Council, and director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, USA

Muehlenberg, Bill


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