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St. Benedict: Hero of the Hills

St. Benedict: Hero of the Hills

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Mary Fabyan Windeatt presents the powerful story of the famous life and miracles of St. Benedict for the Vision Book series of saints for youth. Known as the Father of Western Monasticism, St. Benedict played a major role in the Christinization and civilization of post-Roman Europe in the sixth century.

Having lived in an era of great immorality and vice, Benedict founded an order for monks whose strong life of prayer and work helped convert the godless society around them. It tells how his Benedictine order of monks spread throughout Europe and the New World. The heroic life of his sister St. Scholastica, his saving a boy from drowning, raising one from the dead, and the story of poisoned wine are all told in this exciting, dramatic tale of a great saint. Illustrated.

""A series which should be found wherever there are young Catholic readers." ÔÇöAve Maria

"The Vision Books are splendid in design and format."

ÔÇöCatholic Standard and Times

"The entire series of Vision Books is recommended for solid training of youth."

ÔÇöThe Tablet

Mary Fabyan Windeatt is the well-known author of over 20 books on lives of the saints for young people.

Windeatt, Mary Fabyan



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