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Splendour in the Ordinary

Splendour in the Ordinary

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Thomas Howard insists that every room of your house ÔÇö the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and even the bathroom ÔÇö is a holy place where GodÔÇÖs grace awaits you, if only you know how to recognize His presence there. With a rich appreciation for the glories of GodÔÇÖs all-encompassing love, Howard shows you how to find Him in Splendor in the Ordinary. This beautifully written book takes you on a tour through your own home. In each room, Howard shows you the surprising ways you can meet God there. (He starts with the door and the walls!) With fervent devotion, his meditations encompass the experience of ancient Israel, who met God in terror and smoke and fire in the Tabernacle, and the sacrifice of Christ, which sanctifies the whole world. But theyÔÇÖre by no means confined to a lofty spiritual plane: Howard sees chances to love and serve God, and sees His gentle hand, in the most seemingly dull and ordinary of places and actions.

So take up this book to find out how cooking and cleaning, having family dinners together, and all the other commonplace actions that make up the fabric of your daily life can actually disclose GodÔÇÖs presence to you. Your daily life as well as your devotional life will be forever transformed by this unusual look at how lovingly God awaits us even in the smallest things.

Howard, Thomas


Sophia Institute Press

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