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Spiritual Works of Mercy

Spiritual Works of Mercy

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Most Christians want to live an active faith yet feel perplexed about
how to do so. The seven interconnected ÔÇÿspiritual works of mercyÔÇÖ come
to our aid: counselling the doubtful; instructing the ignorant;
admonishing sinners; comforting the afflicted; forgiving offences;
bearing wrongs patiently; and praying for the living and the dead
.Through such acts of mercy we can respond fully to GodÔÇÖs goodness
towards us, involving conversion of our interior life: such acts are
truly GodÔÇÖs acts of mercy; we, mere human agents for God to alleviate
peopleÔÇÖs unhappiness.

Grogan, Mgr. Paul

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