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Special Creation Rediscovered Catholicism and the Origins Debate

Special Creation Rediscovered Catholicism and the Origins Debate

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What should Catholic adults and children be taught about creation or evolution? At issue is not only science but the spiritual realm which transcends matter. Learn why the Catholic concept of Special Creation is so important to the vitality of Catholicism and why both Theistic Evolution and Progressive Creation are mistaken concepts. Author Gerard Keane explains why evolution is outmoded science and impossible, and shows abundant evidence that God rapidly created all life forms in their own unique kinds. He outlines Church teachings from Sacred Tradition which oppose molecules to man evolution and which favor Creation in six days about 6,000 years ago. He shows that Adam and Eve truly were our first parents and that the original sin of disobedience brought death into the world, but that our gracious Redeemer, Jesus ChristÔÇö"through whom all things were made"ÔÇöpaid the price of redemption for fallen man. Special Creation Rediscovered will help you to trust the trustworthy Creator in all things!

Keane, Gerard J


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