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Six Lessons for Life from the School of the Cross

Six Lessons for Life from the School of the Cross

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These wise pages give you six ways to reap all the spiritual fruit that Christ's Cross offers you, even in the midst of life's trouble.  From the Cross, you'll learn how to:

Triumph over your self-will

Develop true sorrow for your sins

surrender yourself completely to God's will

Bear your sufferings in a truly Christian way

Recognize the depths of Christ's love in His Passion

Perfect your love by uniting your sufferings with Christ's

You'll improve your understanding of Christ's suffering and death, and you'll find help for ordering your life so you can bear well the crosses that are sure to come your way.  Let these pages help you to accept God's will and to walk your own particular Way of the Cross with joyful trust in the Lord.

Kane, John A


Sophia Institute Press

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