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Sing Like A Catholic

Sing Like A Catholic

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What is your impression of what it means to sing like a Catholic? Not good? Well, it doesn't have to be that way.

Jeffrey Tucker, managing editor of Sacred Music and weekly columnist in The Wanderer, offers is an introduction to the sacred-music perspective on Catholic music in parishes, drawing from tradition and documents as well as the author’s own experience as a parish music and managing editor of the leading journal in the field.

It is a book that provides both direction and inspiration, closely engaging many topics and controversies in Catholic music today.

Today, many priests and musicians are thoroughly confused concerning a core issue: what music belongs at Catholic liturgy? There are clear answers to this question, though one might never know them if the only sources you have at your disposal are the resources from mainstream music publishers.

The answer is found in the music that grew up alongside the liturgy itself, and is deeply embedded as part of its structure. It is also found in the teaching of the Church.

A tremendous revival is taking place in Catholic music, centered on chant and polyphony, with new scholas starting in parish after parish. This is a wonderfully hopeful sign, documented in this book.

To discover and sing truly Catholic music is not a burden but the opposite: a tremendous liberation from the commercial-pop industry and an thrilling immersion in the most theologically and aesthetically rich treasure of music available, a tradition that enlists artistic talent in the service of transcendent ends.

The Catholic Church needs again to be the haven for the production of musical works of immortal value, and should always stand ready to accept musical gifts when they are ready to be given. Today, serious musicians are mostly not attracted to liturgical venues, simply because it seems that Church isn't very interested.

That consciousness is dawning today, in the digital age, with its increasingly open source materials, and the inspiration that comes from a rediscovery of ideals, combines with the embrace of the hard work that has been required of musicians since the ancient world, and above all, from the intercession of Saint Cecilia, St Gregory, and St John the Baptist, who have guarded and promoted sacred music in all ages. There is every reason for hope that in all our parishes, and in our time, we will begin again to sing like Catholics.

Tucker, Jeffrey A.


Church Music Association Of Am

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