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Sin And Its Consequences

Sin And Its Consequences

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A  reprint by St Pius X  Press of the original Tan edition.

Sin and Its Consequences is a probing examination of just what sin is and what are its effects on the soul of man. A series of talks given over 100 years ago, this book remains provocative and challenging reading yet today. "For all have sinned, and do need the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23), as Scripture says. In this book Cardinal Manning shows how sin is a departure from the law and will of God, and that to sin purposely is to blind one's self to the seriousness of sin. He shows not only how venial sin can lead into mortal sin, but how sins of omission-that is, sins of leaving the good undone-can actually lead to sins of commission. He shows how just one mortal sin can erase the merits of a lifetime and how the actions of a person in the state of mortal sin are spiritually valueless, no matter how otherwise worthy they may seem to be. He explains why sin is so deadly, for unlike a disease, which manifests itself physically, sin is subtle and conceals itself. Consequently, being able to recognize ones sinfulness is a great gift from God. Thus, there is a consolation in recognizing sin because the holier one becomes, the easier it is to detect and therefore the easier to avoid. And the more perfect a person becomes, the easier it is to recognize and understand sin.
Cardinal Manning is truly penetrating in his observation that the loss of God is the worst pain of Hell, but because most people are so "spiritually coarse" they have to be impressed by the physical sufferings of Hell, such as the fire. Besides discussing the only sin that cannot be forgiven (because it is not repented of), the author also shows the relationship between sin and temptation, the place of the Seven Capital Sins, and how we gain pardon and healing from our sins through repentance, penance and grace. He explains the necessity of the proper disposition to receive the Sacrament of Penance, and finally he weaves in the relationship of sin and our sorrow for it to Christ's Passion and His Resurrection.
In all, Sin and Its Consequences is a book that will richly reward the reader with many insights into the nature of sin and its dire consequences for the person who commits it

Manning, Henry Edward Cardinal


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