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Scripture Rosary - The 4 Mysteries

Scripture Rosary - The 4 Mysteries

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A set of two CDs featuring the voice of Redemptorist Fr Frank O'Shea (RIP) leading the four mysteries of the Rosary with a line of scripture before each Hail Mary bead, and other voices answering, and interspersed with some hymns and reflections. 

NB.  EACH CD HAS 7 SEPARATE SECTIONS MAKING FOR EASY CHOICE OF A PARTICULAR MYSTERY, or for skipping Hymns or talk not needed at present.

The Luminous Mysteries, preceded by a short introduction on Pope John Paul's reasons for introducing the new Mysteries,  are on the second CD - the first being the original recording. Theses mysteries are followed by two additional talks on the Rosary.

A great help to praying the Rosary when praying without other (visible and earthly) companions.

NB There are gentle piano renditions of various traditional hymns  played in the background while the meditations and rosary prayers are being recited. (Restful and comforting to some, but some could find it an intrusion).



O'Shea, Fr Frank

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