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Saints Who Battled Satan: Seventeen Holy Warriors

Saints Who Battled Satan: Seventeen Holy Warriors

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Satan is real. Hes a formidable foe who wants to snatch us away from God, and the thought of doing battle with him can seem daunting. Even so, the saints who have gone before us have engaged the Devil, armed with the power of Christ  and emerged victorious! These fellow warriors in heaven now fight on our behalf.

In Saints Who Battled Satan, Paul Thigpen, author of the Manual for Spiritual Warfare, details the heroic combat of 17 saints who defeated the Enemy. In these pages, youÔÇÖll discover: How Satan attacks us through extraordinary assaults and everyday temptations ~ How these 17 saints used prayer, Scripture, the sacraments, and other spiritual weapons against the Enemy ~ How the virtues served these saints as combat armour. ~ How these victorious saints now offer their aid to those of us still battling on earth.

Read the inspiring and triumphant stories of Padre Pio, Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, John Vianney, and a dozen other saints who battled Satan. YouÔÇÖll find the strength, the courage, and the faith to win your own war against the Enemy.


ÔÇ£A great book that will always have a special place in my collection. The inspiration I have gotten from this book has driven me back to the confessional and daily prayer. These men and women are our true heros! The book is well written and extremely hard to put down. I had to force myself to read slowly and reflect to let what I was reading sink in. Great information for catechists.ÔÇØ ÔÇö online review

ÔÇ£I have read several books by Dr. Thigpen, but by far this is the best. The stories are entertaining and wonderful, but best of all, illuminating. In this book is more information on spiritual combat than in many drier,more scholarly tomes. Each story gives brief but powerful glimpses of not only each saintÔÇÖs unique character, but useful hints on how to overcome many different wiles of the Devil. I salute Dr. Thigpen on this impressive book.ÔÇØ ÔÇö online review

Thigpen, Paul


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