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Saints for Young Readers for Every Day - July to December

Saints for Young Readers for Every Day - July to December

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Have you ever wondered what made the saints so special? They faced problems and struggles just as we do. They weren't always perfect. At times they made mistakes and even sinned. Yet their hearts burned with love for God and for other people. The saints trusted in God and never stopped trying to love him totally.

Saints for Young Readers for Every Day brings you the life of a different saint for each day of the year. Volume I includes January through June while Volume II includes July through December. In these books you will meet saints from every nation and race, from centuries long past, and right down to more recent times. You will come to know saintly kings and workers, queens and housemaids, popes and priests, nuns and religious brothers. They were doctors, farmers, soldiers, lawyers, mothers, fathers, teenagers, and children. These great but humble men and women prayed and worked, and never gave up trusting in Jesus. You can be like them, too.

Wallace, Susan Sr FSP


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Wallace, Susan Sr FSP

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