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Resurgence: Revitalising Western Catholicism

Resurgence: Revitalising Western Catholicism

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"This is a very timely book, as it addresses not only why there is a deepening moral abyss in this country, but also considers what Australia needs to do to avoid the pitfalls of other Western countries. Unlike many armchair theorists or disheartened clerics, the author has spent a lifetime at the coal face. He is therefore uniquely placed to understand why many denominations seek the wrong zeitgeist solutions to the religious inertia, apathy and disinterest which are threatening to overwhelm both churches and communities."
-- Richard Alston, Former member of the Australian Senate, 1986-2004.

Fr James Grant has over thirty years of experience in the field of pastoral care, and is widely regarded as one of Australia's most innovative priests. With overseas experience in the UK and Europe, and having worked in schools, he runs numerous programs. Fr James has also founded Chaplains Without Borders, Australia's first inter-faith corporate chaplaincy service. Additionally, he has set up the strategic networking forum Catholics in Business and has founded two schools on the Indian sub-continent.


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