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Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching

Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching

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Drawing on his long experience of having lectured, written on and taught the topic, Kenneth Himes has gathered here some of the most frequently asked questions on Catholic social teaching. Using the always popular Responses to 101 Questions format, he introduces this important part of the Catholic tradition to students as well as inquiring believers. He divides this broad topic into seven manageable sections, each with a variety of provocative questions- I General Background II Ecclesiological Issues III Foundational Themes- IV Political Life V Economic Life VI International Life VII Social Life Some of the topics covered in the questions are- human dignity and human rights; the kinds of justice; family and social structures; justice and political life; the meaning of human work; labor unions and the rights of labor; the just wage; capitalism, socialism and communism; the just war tradition; pacifism; the arms race; debt forgiveness; women in society; racism; immigration and the death penalty.

Himes, K


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